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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Many Other Varieties

The Kingdom of Heaven is something like this: I tilled up a portion of the back yard to plant a garden, but while I slept someone came and sowed other seeds in my garden, and went his way. When my garden sprouted, so too did the other seeds. My son said to me, “Dad, these aren’t the plants you wanted are they? Do you want me to dig them up for you?”

“No,” I said to him. “These may not be the flowers I planted, but look! there are Peter, Paul, and Marygolds, Whole-Milkweed, Snap-Crackle-Pop-Dragons, Paisley Parsley, Sneezeweed, Encumbered Cucumbers in Cummerbunds, Cyan Peppers, Daisies and Nightsies, and many other varieties that I do not recognize. Let’s let them grow. This is even better than what little I had planted.

The Kingdom of Heaven is something like this, but obviously this is fiction: my son never volunteers to help in the garden.

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