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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Anomalies A – Z: Mot

You need not worship me; I am not a god.  Not yet.

I am Mot.  I am death, King of the Underworld, prince of the nether-lands, lord beneath the mountain, ruler of the wastelands beyond and below.  And I am hungry, so very hungry.  The bones of ten thousand men are scattered at my door and before the day is out I will have consumed ten thousand more.  My mouth is wide, my teeth are strong.  A lip to the earth and a lip to the heavens, I tongue the stars and lick the sky.

Ba’al has gone down into my stomach.  Asherah too.  I have eaten my way through the pantheon of the Canaanites and the mythology of the Greeks.  Marduk is in my gullet.  Mithras, Isis, Ahura-Mazda… I have eaten them all.  I have crushed them between my teeth and swallowed them up.

But I am still hungry.

I will climb in through your window, enter unseen into your palaces.  I will devour your children as they play.  I will consume your young people in the public square, and the elderly as they sleep in their beds.

I am Mot and I am hungry.  Though you need not worship me, I will accept your sacrifices.  But I will not be satiated.  I will eat and eat, and eat, until there is no more.  Then I will be god of all.

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