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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Isis, ISIS and ISS - a Letter from Doctor Tarrec

Every once in a while I get a letter from my good friend Doctor Tarrec.  He’s a strange old man. I worry about him.  But what can I do?

My Dear Student,

Jeffrey, I trust that this letter will find you.  At least I hope that it will. I cannot leave my home.  Not while the Air Force is continuing their surveillance of my residence.  They watch me from high orbital satellites and with remotely controlled drones that they have tried to disguise as owls.   But I’m on to them.  I know what they are doing.

But during my long months of enforced seclusion I have lost track of world events, somewhat. I am no longer sure how things are proceeding, and I am concerned for what may be about to happen, if it’s not already too late. I have discovered a number of mystical allusions in the writings of the contemporary Jewish prophet – Robert Zimmerman – that, if true, could mean very dark days are ahead of us.

I need for you to do some research for me.  Specifically, I need everything you can gather for me concerning shifting Egyptian weather patterns.  Temperatures.  Rainfall.  Wind patterns.  Barometric Pressure.  Relative humidity.  I need water levels for the Nile at all points from the cataracts to the delta.  And if you can get all this data going back to the year 2000, it would be most helpful to me as I verify what I have discovered.

I am convinced that the radical Islamic group ISIS (if that label can be applied to such a group) has surreptitiously taken over the International Space Station – ISS.  The connection is too obvious to be avoided.  The explosion of NASA’s Antares rocket yesterday is evidence that they do not want any outsiders interfering in their plans.  They sabotaged the rocket in order to maintain their secret control of the ISS.

ISIS is already using the ISS as an orbiting weapons platform – but their weapons are highly unconventional.  They are using weather generative weaponry, manipulating air currents and shifting temperatures downward around the globe – beginning in Egypt.  And all of this conforms to what I have discovered in the writings of the prophet Zimmerman.  He describes a coming time of extreme cold - cold in the north, in a place of darkness and light.  It will be time of howling wind and outrageous snow.  And the pyramids will be covered in ice.

Jeffery, my dear boy, come to the aid your old professor. Do what you can to get this vital information to me as soon as possible.  There may yet be time to save us all.

Doctor P. L. Tarrec

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