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Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Satanic Rites of Teenage Dracula

A Single Candle
Hail Satin,
Lord and master of the most occulted realms
high king of the underworld
and priest of death

Appear to us now in shriek and smoke
as I light this black candle.
                (It’s dark blue, all I could find…)
Appear to us as a cat, a goat
as stifling air, or in another form as thou wilt choose,
but appear unto to us.

                A Circle of Ash
The coven is gathered;
your faithful are all here assembled
                (Except Glen - He has chemistry homework.)
within the circle of ashes
of burned bibles.

 A Sprinkle of Salt, A Splash of Blood
Many times have we stood within this courtyard and begged
to see our dread Father and thou hast refused
sending us back to wander in darkness.
Tonight we bring an offering of salt and blood.
Salt for purity that we besmirch
and blood for life that we defile.

Now we do conjure and adjure thee
with hand and mouth sacredly
to do as we request:
Force my father (my earthly father, that is…)
to get off my case. He does not understand.
And cause Julianne Larson to fall in love with me
and to forget all about Brad from the football team.

If thou wilt do this for me
I will be an obedient son of the night,
drinking blood and …

Just a minute, Mom!  Geez.
Can’t you see we're busy here!

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