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Monday, October 28, 2013

A Day with the Arts and with Friends

Over this past weekend my family went down to St. Louis, MO to visit some of our very favorite people.  On Saturday we all went to the SLAM - the St. Louis Art Museum - and spent the morning looking at various works of art.  I was very pleased to see so many of my personal favorites by Max Ernst, and Joseph Cornell and Max Beckmann.  the SLAM has quite a few by Beckmann - including this painting of Jesus and the woman caught in the act of adultery, and this one of Adam and Eve and the Tree by Marc Chagall

Caroline at the museum photo caroline_zpsf622bb38.jpg
I took several photos of my friends' daughter, as my own daughter glares and pouts when I try to take her picture.  This is Caroline at the museum.  And so is this.

After we left the museum (reluctantly on my part.  I would have been quite willing to ignore lunch and spend several more hours there...) we went for a late lunch / early dinner at Ranoush - a middle-eastern restaurant.

Following that, as we walked back to our van we passed by a "poet for hire" He had his typewriter with him there on the sidewalk - and with $3.00, the phrase "mediterranean lunch" and fifteen minutes he composed the following poem for us.
poet for hire photo IMG_7160_zpsbe46a807.jpg

Our plan for the rest of the evening originally included a trip to a pumpkin patch /corn maze, but the day was already growing long and the littlest one among us was getting tired, so we we went home and played card games and wii mini golf.

Few days are this terrific.  Few friends are this wonderful.

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