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Monday, October 7, 2013

The Dawning of the New Age – A Fragment from Dr. Tarrec’s Alchemical Commentary on the Apocalypse

The New Age began very inauspiciously, quietly, without fanfare.  But in that moment the old things passed away and a new work, a dangerous new world was begun.  The long dark night of mankind’s soul came to an end with the dawning sun.  It was, oddly enough, a Monday. 

Monday, February 5th, 1962.  Mere hours before the Beatles were to perform on the underground stage at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, drummer Pete Best, sensing the cosmic change, told the others that he could not go on.  He was replaced by Richard Starkey.  Was it a coincidence that at that precise moment a solar eclipse and grand conjunction of the planets was occurring in the heavens?  Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, the Sun, Mercury and Earth all came into alignment, and all of them within 16° of one another on the ecliptic.  This was a solar event that had not happened for over five hundred years and will not happen again for another 6,000 years.

French President Charles De Gaulle called for the liberation of Algeria, somewhere in the Middle East, (Egypt most likely) a future world leader was born and England defeated Ireland 16-0 in a Rugby match at Twickenham.  The odds of any one of these events occurring on that exact day are 1,563.57 to 1.  The odds of all of these events occurring almost simultaneously on that single day are incalculable. It can be no coincidence; it can only be the outworking of some divine or cosmic plan.

And yet all of these things did occur on that most ominous day, but few noticed the concurrence (and even fewer would ever understand the consequence) of these seemingly isolated events. The Alchemists of Europe noticed, of course, but their numbers are so reduced anymore as to render them powerless to effect the future history of the planet.  Once they might have been able to lead the world to a mystical awakening, but no longer.  As the New Age dawned they were left muttering over their flasks and beakers, still trying to transmute base elements into fine metals for their own personal gain.

Fortunately there are a few active and observant members of The Brotherhood of Games who could read the signs and who have been working ever since that world shattering Monday in February of 1962 to draw humanity’s attention to the dangers of this New Age.  Wake up, Oh Sleeper, for a new dangerous new day has dawned and there is much work to be done.

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