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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Secrets of the Alchemical Architecture of the Temple Mount

I was going through one of Dr. Tarrec's steamer trunks today, sorting through the various bits and scraps of his unpublished writing and journals. Amongst his papers I found this tantalizing fragment of a (presumably) lengthier work analysing the alchemical mysteries prophetically embedded in the architecture of the various buildings of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  His papers are not arranged in any systematized order, and there are thousands of pages (not counting the notes of assorted sizes, hastily written on the back of business cards, napkins, and receipts).  I am trying to put them into a coherent order, but the project will probably take me the rest of my life.  When (if) I find more of this particular work, I will publish it here. - thatjeffcarter

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