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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Evening and Nighttime Photography in South Dakota

I am currently in Keystone, South Dakota. I'm here for meetings. This is a great place - but ... meetings.... blah.

We drove up (my wife and I) with some good friends of ours. It's surprising how riding with good people can make a 10 hour drive seem so much shorter. The first photo is of the South Dakota sun setting through storm clouds. My friend, John, didn't want to stop (again) so I could get out and take pictures (again), so I stuck my head out of the moving van to take this one.

The second photo below is of the Ponderosa Pine trees growing on the granite rocks behind our hotel. I went out for a walk around the grounds after we got here late Monday night, set up my tripod and took a few photos.

South Dakota Sunset (Storm) by Jeff Carter on

Black Hills at Night by Jeff Carter on

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