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Friday, September 4, 2015

I Saw the Satan Defenestrated

I saw the Satan defenestrated, thrown through the plate glass windows of heaven, then falling through the air like lightning. I saw the smoke of a billion years from the center of the earth rising up endlessly to meet him in the air. Electrostatic emanations of power reached up from the ground to catch him.

The fallen one spoke and serpents were trampled but not crushed. Cars collided and the crash and clatter of panic in the streets became the shouts and screams of rioters, the sound of marching, charging feet. An irruption of gunfire masked the arrival of the enemy in unmarked shipping containers from the east.

Demons came out of their silent hiding and the crowds were amazed. They were terrified and raised a chant, “Spill the blood! Spill the blood!” A fly buzzed their ears as they died. And all the while, the finger of God drew slow circles in the sand.

Then a squadron of strong men, uniformed and armed with military surplus, marched out to meet us in the streets. They came at us with swords and clubs, as against a robber, to capture us. They came at us with tasers and stun grenades, with truncheons and rubber bullets. They came with tear gas and we did weep. I saw the blood of the prophets filling the gutters and fouling the storm drains. The crowd was trampled underfoot. They attacked and overpowered us.  We were divided, scattered. 

Evil spirits raged through the empty city. We fled, looking for rest and safety, but found none. We were alone in a New World Order – same as the Old World, in time past, built on force and strength of arms. The Spirit that worketh now is the child of violence and disturbance. His mother and sisters are assassins, his seven brothers and countless sons are despots and kings.

“Be on your guard.  They will kill the body if they can. They will kill the body and create a hell of their own on earth.  How will we defend ourselves?”

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