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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The White Horse Rider Rides to Conquest and to Conquer

The White Horse and its uniformed rider came when they were called – obedient servants obey the thunderful voice of their master. I heard the voice of that strange creature, him of the multivalent faces, the honorable Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago, Illinois, call the rider forth, “Come.” And the White Horse rider came – 23,000 strong.

And I saw the White Horse (working for the White House) trampling down the protesters in Grant Park. I saw him knock Phil Ochs to the ground, smash his guitar. I saw him beating journalists. This is how the future is shaped and elections are decided. This is how wars are won.

The Rider on the White Horse carried no sword but a bow – Chemical Mace sprayed at a distance to blind and to incapacitate the people. The Rider of that White horse was given a riot protection helmet as a crown – the polycarbonate visor of the victor. He rode out to conquer and bent on conquest – to take control of the party and steal the nation.

I saw the White Horse Rider in Chicago again eighty two years earlier throwing bombs in Haymarket Square. In New York, Seattle, Ferguson -the White Horse Rider rides to conquest and to conquer.

The Red Horse
The Black Horse
The Pale Green Horse

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