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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Red Horse with its Blood Red Rider Is our Favorite

In the most imminent of all our futures there will be another horse, a blood red horse, a horse of fire, a horse of flame. And so it comes and so it goes – responding to the thundersome voice calling, “Come!” And this bloody horse, a beast of power, along with its blood red rider is our most favorite of the Apocalyptic horses. We love this horse and call it forth often. “Come and see,” the militant horse.

Hail, hail, Red Rider – come swing your sword.
Hail, blood red Rider, the Pentagon has not been exercised;
Come, red horse, come, you have power here.
Come, loud sounding, stamping hooves,
take peace and bring us war;
bring tanks and armored chariots from the mountains of brass.

We love this horse and call it forth often. Come and see!

The White Horse Rider Rides to Conquest and to Conquer
The Black Horse
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