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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Dr. Tarrec’s Free Weekly Horoscope #33

Aries – Ideas do not disappear from view, even when suffocated. There are fractured minds still sitting at home.

Taurus – Time is against us, always. Fleeing. And the weather will still be bad. Are you ready? Are we? Go without me. No. Wait…

Gemini – The negotiated release of a man from the working-class is smart. Be strong for what comes next.  You are acting without the help or knowledge of anyone else. (But the FBI has been contacted.)

Cancer – The prayer and intercession of Saint Géneviève will not be enough. Consider it a matter of honest elevation, sophisticated motion.

Leo – Power is a myth, a lie that you tell yourself. You won’t be able to hold it. Time is wound tight these days; confess while there is still a chance.

Virgo – The captured service-men are being held, but not for the invasion. Find your way down to Graffiti Street.

Libra – If you will not reexamine your methods then, by all means, continue to beat them about head, but stop asking why they won’t love you.

Scorpio – An improvisational government – everything we have is gone when the signal drops. Exit through the sewer or the gift shop - it amounts to the same.

Sagittarius – Twenty minutes ago, and this is all wrong. Too much stress on your heart. This is another implausible episode in a series of fictions.

Capricorn – There is an agenda, a message, but is only beginning. We have a job to do. Keep focus. Continue counting. Play nice or pretend.

Aquarius – There are sharks on television; have you seen them? Or is there a time delay to Ohio?

Pisces – If you fumble the chairs, if you fumble the spelling of important words, you can expect a visit from the authorities. I need more coffee. 

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