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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Leader's Secret Speech

On the evening of January 17th the Leader of the Right Government™ gave a secret address to the high officials of the State Political Militia and Politzie forces. The next day we were at war with our neighbors. Here, for the first time, is a transcript of that secret speech. It is, unfortunately, only a partial transcript. The recording device smuggled into the theatre where the Leader spoke by members of the Knife was disrupted for several minutes of the 28 minute address. Apart from the 3 sentence summary of the speech given by Herman Sisemen, Minister of Right Propaganda for the Right Government™ in a radio broadcast, this transcript is our only documentation of the Leader’s words:

[…] are like fish swimming in dirty water. We are the new barbarians.  […Unintelligible due to the cheering crowd…] We are the searching fire distributed in all directions. We are the enigma and the clue. We are the sign.

Our policy is and always shall be to strike first and to strike hard, with no mercy, sir! […Cheers…] So I … So I ask you, I ask you tonight, what are actions are we taking? What are we doing here? What are we doing to rule the world? What direct motions are being calculated to bring about the collapse of socialist thinking? Are we feeding our bitterness? Are we stoking its fire?

We will have our war.  We will have this war. We will provide whatever instigation is necessary to provoke our enemies. We will create the proper propaganda pretext to support it. This is our fate, fate up against our wills. Cancel it? No. It is the killing time and we will not be denied. The machine gun, caliber .30 M2019A4 is a recoil operated, corn fed thing of beauty, air cooled for maximum refreshment.

You must put away objectivity; it is nothing but an objectionable hindrance. Put away objectivity; push it away! Our shared illusions make us strong. Use them for we live in a dream. And put away all pity. Put it down! Brutality! Strength is our passion and it is our poison. Leap into the darkness. Leap into the abyss with me.

[…] abnormal nervous frenzy […] mother of […] the players. They have been tried and found wanting. The writing is seen on the wall.  This is the feast of Belshazzar! Feast! Eat! Devour! 

It is time to begin repaying fire with fire, and bombs for bombs. Now is the time to put out an eye! The only one speaking of love today is the so-called “Preacher,” a despicable individual, guilty of stirring up agitation and unrest. He and his group of social outsiders are, even now, being rounded up by our Politzie forces. We will hunt him down; we will kill him. Our Sternodogs are on the scent, and they never give up. You can expect to find a corpse in a hearse. Yes? Yes! A corpse! A corpse!

And for this, the world, and the liberal press, and The Hague, they call me an aggressor. They call me a jingoist. They call me “warmonger.” […Boos and hisses…] it?  Why should I deny it? No, in fact, I embrace it. I welcome their epithets. We are not musicians, with soft hands and smart mouths. We are criminals […Cheers…] Right? We are criminals. We are liars! […Cheers…] Yes. I know. We are desperate men. But I know this as well, I know that I am not alone. I know your anger. I know your dreams. I am the amplifier of your will. […Cheers…] am the drum upon which the mallet of fate is beating out a military cadence, a martial tattoo.

[…There is a 3 minute 43 second gap in the recording at this point…]

[…Th]ey say that the devil is loose upon this world. Yes! That is what they say. And […] and what I say is: Call the authorities. Call the authorities if you think that will help. There will be no keeping of secrets on this mountain. We will know what you have done and who you have called. So, yes! The Devil is loose upon the world. And the devil is me […cheers…] I am the […] darkening your door, even if it is a door of redoubtable Pittsburg steel. I am the inside man! And I will give you such a buffeting. Behold! Behold! A stranger is in your midst to destroy you.

And during the few passing moments that we have left, I want to have an off-the-cuff chat between you and me—us. I want to talk right down to you in a language that you can easily understand. Simple, unadorned language, but with vivid words. I do not care one straw for popularity, except that you love me. We have been plagued and cursed, vilified and demonized, but you love me.  If you live-you love me. And if you should die-you will have loved me. You love me because I have led you. I have never, never, not once have I flinched from this heavy responsibility.  And in these few years that we have had together, I have led you to great heights. So do not ask me what I can do for you. The only thing you should fear is me.

Thank you. Good night.  [...] you!


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