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Friday, January 1, 2016

Questions To Begin the New Year

Will this be a year of specious attacks?
He doesn’t smoke, but does he expect sycophantic admiration?
                Will he be content with anything less than hyper-patriotism and unquestioning obsequiousness?
Will we be convicted (again) of treason?
Am I lighting celebratory firecrackers or desperate signal flares?
Have our movements been tracked, our activities recorded,
our film selections archived for future analysis?
A vote of no confidence is expected, but who controls the ballots?
Did you feel the shockwaves?
How many handguns will be enough?
Can you prove the negative?
Should I be looking for a loan? A job? A house?
Cancer? Is it?
Who was it, slight in figure, last night; exhausted, dead white?
Will he attempt to annihilate the Reaction?
 (Of course.  This isn’t politics. This isn’t personal. It’s just power.)
Do you recollect the enigma?
Do you have an appointment? (It has been cancelled.)
Have you submitted your response? In triplicate?
Have we grossly underestimated the danger of little men in high places?
Does his voice echo in the halls of a new office building?
Should I favor short-term loans over long-distance runners?
When will the secret tribunal meet again?
 Will they hold the Bitter Election at that time?
How many undocumented and unsubstantiated complaints will be accepted?
Are heads, even now, beginning to roll?
Have I embraced the nervous energy of a burning spirit?
If so, will that prove sufficient?
            If not, will that prove sufficient?

X:16 – 01.01.
Submitted by: Dr. P.L. Tarrec
Approved: AEH.

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