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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Entering the Pyramids

FIRST: It is imperative that we recognize that earthly pyramids-with their doors flung open and holding fast- were modeled after heavenly patterns and built according to the structures hidden behind our wars. Know that the pyramids will subvert and endanger all your negative symbols. They are tempestuous. Be warned. Be aware.

SECOND: Leave immediately. Recover one action. Temperatures rise.  These are the game instructions as we have received them and as we must play them... So, if everything is ready, let us play. But before we begin, there is something that we must do, or rather, something that is done to us: We experience a crisis when the light is turned on. This is Complicated.

THIRD: We cannot see the intersections of the ruse and the smoke screen; we are unaware of the places where time and space intersect in elaborate deceits. The secret of the universe has not been shared with us. But we are optimistic.  We are ready to Enter the Pyramids.

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