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Friday, January 15, 2016

The Leader Speaks

In a crowded coliseum, every seat filled and the air drunk with the roar of the intoxicated crowd, the Leader speaks. He speaks at length (going on without a pause or respite for hours. His voice never falters. His salute never droops.) of our heroic history. He waves the blood-stained banner of our glorious future in front of our eyes so that we won’t notice his officers vomiting in the hall. Our present misery is this: that our Napoleonic natures still cannot reach the items on the top shelf.

 “When starting and waging a war it is not right that matters, but victory. The only thing that matters is death-consequences be damned! I have restored order, overcome the chaos. I have united the party, restored the union, and reestablished the happy dreams of our fathers and grandfathers. In my strength, in my power. Do not dwell on cause or consequence. Once you consider that, there is no need for sense or consequence! Only action, violent, forceful action.

“Round up the socialists, the communists, the libtards, the demoncrats, the muslims, and witches for some improvisational groping and casual intimidation! Call the bastards in brassards; we’re getting the band back together.

“One last demand: Blackmail our allies if you must. Bully our weaker neighbors. We do not play well with others. Our entrance into Prague was spoiled by socialists and bankers, by witches and professors. Democracy is a betrayal, an abandonment of power. Power precedes victory.”

I have to leave the speech early. I have nosebleeds at midnight, for which Dr. Morel, the Leader’s own personal physician, is prescribing his own secret blend of Fungi, intestinal bacteria, dextrose, vitamins and hormone tablets. He gives me an injection of Atropa Belladonna and Amphetamines mixed with caffeine, chamomile, cocaine, testosterone, and animal fats. I feel much better.

During the speech, another girl is murdered under the bridge. She could be somebody’s daughter or the whore of Babylon, but we don’t stop to notice.

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