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Friday, September 27, 2013

3 Hour Conversations and Clouds

I spent most of the afternoon on the road; I'm in Omaha again. This time I rode with my friend D. D. likes to talk.  I don't. So I listened.  I listened as she told me about her career as a semi-truck driver, driving half asleep across the state of texas, about the classes she's taking online with Liberty (yes, the one connected to Jerry Falwell...) about her family farm where she'd wrestle goats and tell the cows what to do (and they would do it).  She gave me full accounts of conversations she had with her cat (the cat's name was 13).  She told me about dislike for the pope, Joel Osteen, and Jehovah's Witnesses.  She described at length her favorite movie (The Sobbing Stone). She told me about her "fustrations" (her word) with online dating. And and and and and and and and

I think I said a total of 15 words the whole afternoon.

My son laughs at me sometimes.  "Why would you do a job where you have to be with people so much, when you don't like people?"  I answer him, "I like people, I just like them better when they're somewhere else."    Which is really only true after 3 hour conversations like this one with D.  Give me some time alone in my cave and I'll be personable again.

Anyway.  Heres' a photo I took before we left of some clouds.

 photo IowaClouds_zpsc557a564.jpg

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