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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Satire

How did the tyrant die?
How did the tyrant die?
            Not with a bang…

But Yahweh broke him down with furious blows
and now that the Right Reverend il Duce, der Fürer,
                                    Generalissimo, Mr. President is gone

the whole world sings,
Ding Dong! The tyrant ruler’s dead!”

The hinges of the sepulchral void swing open to receive you,
“Welcome friend, now you’re one of us.
Rest forever on you bed of maggots.”

Scion-of-the-Dawn, born to power, conqueror of nations
how is it that you’ve been brought so low?
You, who thought that God
spoke to you as his messianic-force-to-be?
Now you’re nothing in the emptiness of null.

This was the man who shook the world? This worm?
He made a desert and called it peace
and kept his Guantanamo prisoners without charge.
But here he’s dumped with the heaps
of unnamed dead in an unmarked grave.

(Isaiah 14: 4 - 21)

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