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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Real Americans

All real Americans love the sting of battle
and dream of glory in the big leagues;
they swell with pride to see
      our banner in the breeze
and turgid at the thought
     of going out to fight

All real Americans will not only shoot their enemies,
but will bomb them back to the Stone Age,
rip out their living goddamned guts.
Americans will not tolerate a loser
nor worship a god they can beat up.

No real American is ever war-weary.
No real American ever digs in;
they press forward until the last round is fired
     and the last drop of gas is expended.

American heroes do not wait for inspectors or,
      god forbid!  negotiators or diplomats.
Real American heroes will never seek a permission slip
to defend the security of our country.
American heroes do not wait for congress to authorize action
they launch the missiles before the ardor cools.

All real Americans are glorious bastards,
eager for the acrid smoke
     and scorching flames of this war,
                the next war,

                     any war
that will allow us to demonstrate our natural superiority.

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