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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dr. Tarrec Predicts the Last King

I was digging through the collection of papers that my friend, the increasingly opaque Dr. Tarrec, has given me.  This one struck me as particularly interesting in light of recent statements made by the on-air hosts of Fox (not really) News.

These lines are written in ink, in what appears to be Dr. Tarrec’s own handwriting, on a scrap of newspaper, in the margins of a story about the New York Yankees defeat of the Brooklyn Dodgers in the World Series – which would, according to the internets, date this scrap of writing to 1949.


That last king at the time of the end will do exactly as he pleases, kicking tires and pushing people.  He will walk along rain puddled streets in the middle of the night, alone.  The king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind, but the last king will continue to exalt himself in the blood and entrails of dead cats.  He has evolved, you see, elevated himself overall the chariots and the horsemen and ships of many nations. 

He will speak unspeakable things against our glorious, democratic society.  He will successfully (and secretly) exchange the evidences used to convict members of congress.  He will stalk apartment building hallways.  He shall stretch forth his hand into a diminishing arctic twilight.

And what can be determined from this?

He will show no regard for the precious things, for police reports or historical facts, altering the course of history to offset the effects of his own insomnia.  Even the clouds of fog will shift in his favor.  But tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him.

He will destroy this country in a fit of rage because he cannot sleep.  He will destroy the foundations upon which this country was built.  He will pervert the Oxford English Dictionary, ruining its collection of thousands of obscure words.  He will rebuild Birmingham, England in his own image, by his own fear.

The last king at the time of the end will take many pills – hallucinating and babbling in public – then go forth with great fury.  Is this generation ready to face the challenge he presents?

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