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Monday, January 5, 2015

It is Late - You Must Run

It is late, already close to midnight – but you must run.  Run quickly, for you are being followed by a familiar stranger.  Run through the eclipse.  Run through all airport delays.  The car and your driver are waiting, but they will not wait long.  It is imperative that you run.  People make mistakes; it happens.  But run.

There are messages in the mirror from Apollyon, hidden from the White House and the NSA, unreadable by the Agency or the FBI.  The messages will be difficult to read, I know, filled as they are with irregularly conjugated verbs and the conjunction of planets, a strange concatenated string of numbers – the numbers are not hidden.  This place is an astronomer’s dream.  Remember: It is an alignment, not a collision.  We hope.  An alignment within the constellation of Cassandra.  There will be much rejoicing among the stars tonight.

The precise reflections of negligent regional managers will not be visible.  They watch without empathetic regard - too many horror stories in the papers and on the news.  There are a lot of weirdoes out there – cultists and covens and the like.  Even so, a stellar event of this magnitude could only be hidden from the public by political manipulation on a grand scale.  Where is the Brotherhood of Games in all of this?  Where is the expected report from Dr. Tarrec?  The rising star will come to power, exterminating any and all who oppose him, just like King David once did.

King Umberto I has summoned the disciples of the watch. The thick metallic smell of blood is in the air.   The watchers have fallen.  Abaddon and Abandon are moving too.  It is very late, as I said, already after midnight.  You must run.

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