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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Ruby Light and Fire

In the repeated dreams of his childhood he saw the nightfall between worlds, a place of pain, and there in the darkness - an upraised knife.  Was it fear? Was it paranoia even then?  This was time and that was the place to overreact, but his slumber was never disturbed.

Now he lives in a small community of broken down cars.  Time is strange in these mountains; phones are inconsistent.  Emergency vehicles are seen in the streets, but never arrive.  He is alone in the woods when the thunder breaks and he counts it a miracle.  “The storm is following me,” he thinks.  And even though some of his blood is spilled upon the rocks, he is not a stranger to the rain.

A story of danger? Perhaps, but he has an amazing view here.  There is a glimmer of jealous recognition. Power.  Magic. Is it a debate or a seduction?  Don’t look at the camera.  

He hikes the steep switchback curves down the curve of her back.  The mountains shake in fire and flashlights.  It is magnificent when she breathes. Unique.  Ruby light and fire on her mountains. He will die beneath those peaks.

The daughters of the mountain spirit, witches of a winged worm hunt for him in the darkness.  If he had a dagger with a blade of silver he could perhaps resist them.  There are no answers in the warm body of the fire opal, no explanations. Something is happening here, something fearful.  An embrace and all is ended.

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