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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Dream As You Will, the Windows Are Closed

We must now consider the blasphemous teachings of Mary Katherine M. who predicted, among other things, the coming of an unstoppable Russian-Arab invasion of the British Isles, and a monkey army laying waste to the English countryside.  She was conceited enough to claim that she could speak to and control various breeds of dogs.  She added that her own special man-child would crash political parties and photograph strange suicides.  Could he be the great Gogmagog! of old?

Many Islamic states resist the identification, but still the question persists. 

Did she use drugs?  Her new religion forbids them, of course, but the question is urgent, something about a hospital.  Get on with it!  Say what you have to say. A comet rips the sky and you and I will surely die. Many have already demanded that she, or her special man-child, should wrest control of the White House from the old city of Jezreel.  The son of the Devil has already killed, and he will kill again, an endless conflict for the will and souls of the people of the world.  What do you want with the son of Thorns?  What do you know about his son?

Isis radiation will be emitted from Megiddo, from across a longer range, and will be contained within a smaller warhead – either conventional-biological, or some sort of futuristic tactical nuclear warhead.  How many of these self-styled apocalypse artists, with their compulsive eating and drinking habits and their drug problems, will be smuggled into this galaxy? Space is already filled with their detritus.

And this is the result of an ill omen.

We are in constant motion, rotating just above absolute zero (-270° C or -455° F) at the edge of Abaddon.  The orbital motion of the moon should be constantly confirmed, lest it begin to drift into apostasy.  The Isis radiation of the moon would protect us from the man-child’s fires, but the Russians and the Arabs are already using pulsars against the Israelis – they have been using them for the past 100 years.  The rapacious demagogues of Russia will strangle even their own mothers in order to keep their plans in motion. 

Send for the doctor! We are nearing national suicide, something about the newspapers.

The man-child, the Thorn-son represents something else entirely – something connected to the dreams of his father.  He has supplied armaments and armor around the globe for the past three decades.  He keeps an attack dog in the hallway.  A nuclear warhead attack dog.  In turn, the Iraqis have provided the Russians with oil and hard currency.  German engineers will come in the morning to collect the dog, and they will retrofit him with missiles and a dramatically increased range – from 450 to 1,000 miles, even enough to bring down the sun and moon if necessary.

Dream as you will, the windows are closed.

(just a bit of nonsense)

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