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Friday, January 9, 2015

The Apocryphal Satirical Gospel of Saint Helveticus

It is only the most courageous of governors who are now taking a historically unprecedented stand against the television mind control of the President.  They are bravely looking into the flashing colored lights of that that devil face and shouting, “Fight on!” Even so, we remember less than 60 % of their number (and even fewer of their names.)  The humanist wire service rarely shows them except with their martyr mouths wide open. 

“Well, we’re right,” they insist in uncomplimentary poses.  “This is getting out of hand.”  But they are doing it, troubling themselves with the affairs of men and women when they should be closing the gates.  Dark and sinister spiritual attacks are being waged against us.  The creation of a world government appears to be unstoppable.  They have realized their vast majority and are exploiting it for their own gain, but they have no real power, only cute slogans.  Still they are shaking the world.

Listen to the quick, hard boot-heels of soldiers in the hall, clanking down the dim corridors.  These extraordinary measures have their government.  They stiffen.  They shriek.  They insert the keys into their secret surveillance equipment.  The sweat turns cold on my face to even consider it.  The very same angel of wars and contests will come down to the earth, a suggestion of this is found in the apocryphal satirical gospel of St. Helveticus.  The known number of stars in the 11th and 12th legions is unknown, but human beings may yet have a chance against death.

Liberals are little more than 32% of all atomic particles.  The so-called sexy spiritual is marked for eternal punishment.  The garish yellow and black stripes of the punishment are meted out, but taught nowhere.  This will be an advantage to major economic and political powers.  And here at last is the devil, with his abortifacients and laser gender reidentification procedures.  This is a problem for the good to solve, but the slant will always be toward the evil and the fatal.

The public remarks, recordings, and performances of the President should be taken as evidence of this evil.  He is the antithetical AntiChrist and the media is his worshipper.  The gospel will not get a second chance.  He has not been honest in any of his penny edition pronouncements.  He is over 100 years old, and as blasphemous and as vile as ever.

Ask this question:  Is the world leading our religious leaders to prefer mere modern physics over faithful interpretation?  The Communist Manifesto is still being mentioned in our public schools.  It has neither been dislodged nor discredited by the educrats who rule this nation.

The third angel pronounces doom from the stone bridge.

The elite group is already planning to create an open door for our enemies, and their “holy mother”.  They have grown up strong in the darkness.  They have grown up as cannibals.  Go through that door slowly into this strange loneliness.  The global government recognizes that it is being threatened.  When that kingdom falls, what future will it have to offer you?

I smell death.  I hear traitorous bees and their peculiar hum of insolence.  Hoist the flag.  Review the history.  See how they have turned their backs on a cowardly messiah and become the worshipper of the AntiChrist in leather and spandex costumes.  They forfeit their chance for eternal life. 

“It’s later than you thing,” Dr. Tarrec says to me as we come to the bridge.  He wipes his face and sighs.  “We can cross it, but either we or it will be destroyed.  The AntiChrist’s archers loose their arrows and the world cheers.  They are the incorrigibles of the Tribulation Period.”

There are too many possible errors in this unscientific thinking.  While he is living all quantum theories will be made inelegant and powerless – but the liberal media will not report it for they have become faithful worshippers of that tyrant at the end of days.

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