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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Dr. Tarrec's Preliminary Notes on the Alchemical Journal of Dr. Naberius

If we ask what unremembered objects are to be protected by carved stone gargoyles the answer is not as simple as one might imagine.  Yet one thing stands out proximately in the dark litter strewn alleys – the discovery of a journal that will change everything; a record of the visions of a madman, the diary of a contemporary prophet, the collected writings of a master-power mystic who will renew the vigor and grace of this modern age. 

We ourselves have heard the mysterious, thunderous sounds being reported across the United States, from east Texas to North Carolina, from California to Indiana.  The media describes this a USN phenomenon – that is, an Unidentified Strange Noise phenomenon, which is to say, they do not know what these booms represent.  But we who have read the hidden journal, and have deciphered its coded pages, and understood its puzzles, know and can say what these strong vibrations and reverberations portend.

The gargoyles have kept their secrets for thousands of years, so shall we keep ours.  Someone, somebody touched me like fingers on flesh.  My arm is upraised against a fierce wind.

Three wicked generations of exactly(!) 40 years are given in the Holy Scriptures, three generations to be sprinkled with hyssop.  The first saw streams of water turn to thickened blood and died in the desert.  The second received their reward, but were too nervous by what they saw to unpack the boxes.  And the third (may God preserve us for even reciting the horror) includes a tragic, unhappy girl and you – you snakes, you brood of vipers.

After what happened in the house, the worst thing would be to rush.  Be sure that you are seeing what you think you are seeing.

Sunset of 20 September, 1988 saw busted sewer lines inside a secret room.  There were many flies and the Lord of the Flies also.  Thus, when many Americans were celebrating that great president, Ronald Reagan and the peace and safety that he brought, sudden destruction came upon them all.  World War III and IV at Armageddon, and none could escape.

Some may try to assert that this is merely an exercise of the imagination, and a fevered, frenzied imagination at that.  A trial will demonstrate the ridiculous nature of this claim.  Let the neophyte imagine himself as dead, leaving behind a physical body of some sort, then speak to us again.

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