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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Virgil Reveals My Future

Did you know – as I did not, until recently – that the writings of the Roman poet, Virgil, were often used in the past as a tool for prognostication, a form of bibliomancy.  People would open his books to a random page and take a passage to divine the future.
So, since today is something of an auspicious day (my 40th birthday and all…) I’m going to see what Virgil predicts for me in this coming year:

I have opened my copy of The Aeneid at random to page 265 and I find:

The roads resounded with joy, revelry, clapping hands,
with bands of matrons in every temple, altars in each
and the ground before them strewn with slaughtered steers.
8: 840 – 842

Well, that sounds pretty good…

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