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Monday, August 11, 2014

The Books of the Bible as Country Song Titles - Hebrew Bible

I Lost My Pick Up East of Eden - Genesis
Egyptian Prison Blues - Exodus
That’s All the Law Will Allow - Leviticus
We Ain’t Lost (Keep Walkin’) - Numbers
We’ve Heard This Song Before - Deuteronomy
Boots Are Stompin’ and Walls Are Fallin’ - Joshua
Do Whatever You Want (There Ain’t No King) - Judges
Momma’ Showed Me How to Get My Man - Ruth
Oh Davey!  - 1 Samuel /2 Samuel
It Goes from Bad to Worse - 1 Kings / 2 Kings
The Things We Left Out - 1 Chronicles / 2 Chronicles
Can We Start All Over Again - Ezra
You Can’t Marry Her, She’s White Trash - Nehemiah
Country Girls Do It Right -Esther
At Least My Dog Ain’t Left Me, Yet - Job
My Mother’s Hymn Book - Psalms
Things My Daddy Taught Me - Proverbs
We Might As Well Go Drinkin’ -Ecclesiastes
Knockin’ Boots with My Shulamite - Song of Solomon
Songs the Servant Sang - Isaiah
Nobody Listens to Me, Anyhow - Jeremiah
She’s Lonesome Now - Lamentations
I’m Seein’ Visions, But I’m not Drinkin’ - Ezekiel
It’s Time to Stop Drinkin’ When You See Writing on the Wall - Daniel
I Got Me a Cheatin’ Woman - Hosea
Locust in the Field (AIn’t Nothin’ Left) - Joel
The Hillbilly Prophet - Amos
You Ain’t an Eagle, You Turkey - Obadiah
Forget Nineveh, Let’s Go Fishin’ - Jonah
Here’s What I Want (Just Do Right) - Micah
You’ll Get What’s Coming - Nahum
I’m Cryin’ but God’s Not Listenin’ - Habakkuk
The Day Is Comin’, Aint it Great? - Zephaniah
Your Cedar Paneled Double Wide Trailer - Haggai
Horsemen in the Night - Zechariah
How Can You Say (How Do You Love Me) - Malachi

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