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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Working Title - Muted Hosannas

I’ve not said a lot about it here on the blog yet – but I am about to have a book published.  It will, if all continues to go well, be published in October / November, just in time for you to purchase a copy for everyone on your Christmas list.

The working title is Muted Hosannas – and will be an anthology of sorts of my poetry and photography. 

This book will not include any of my “biblical limericks.”  Those may appear in a future volume (keep your fingers crossed).  This first one, however, will include a fair number of haiku.  The literary council that approved the book was very keen on the haiku. 

I’m finalizing the order of the poems, choosing fonts (do not expect comic sans or papyrus…), and writing a short introduction to the works.  My friend, Joel Watts has agreed to write the forward (a gratefully returned favor, as he asked me to pen the afterward for his book Praying In God’s Theater.) 


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