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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Malebranche As Encountered by Doctor Tarrec

The Malebranche (Evil Claws) were first described by that great Master, Durante degli Alighieri.  He wrote of his encounter with these crude and vulgar demons, describing them as a loosely affiliated gang of demons, assigned to guard a lake of burning pitch in hell.  In these modern days a new, greater band of Malebranche has come into existence, and they are no longer restricted to the infernal regions.  The Malebranche are roaming freely about the earth.  They take special pleasure in haunting churches, and afflicting followers of the Christian faith.  They delight in causing as havoc and confusion as they can.

Master Danté said that there were twelve members of the demonic Malebranche clan in his day; today there are many – a great many – more.  What follows is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a complete list of all demonic entities who are part of the current Malebranche. By the Old Ones, no.  There are many hundreds, thousands even that are not named here, and perhaps that many more again whose names are not known, either to me or to any other student of the occult.  It is, however, a list of those entities that I have personally encountered in my studies of the paranormal and chemystical.  I have also included a note or two on each- a physical description, where possible, or an indication of the creatures powers and / or weaknesses. 

Beh’lef Tind – Takes perverse pleasure in frightening people with dystopian visions of the future.  He is a liar and not to be trusted.  However, his visions are very infectious.  It is very difficult to convince those who have seen the visions granted by Beh’lef Tind that they are deceptions.  They even come to crave the fear that he creates in them.

K’hamen – This is a very young devil, and not very potent.  He can become quite mean-spirited when he is dismissed, for he hates to be ignored.

Mardrisc – This is an angry sprit, quick to hurl abusive statements. Very vulgar.  He is also somewhat perverse - a voyeur who enjoys spying into the sexual activities of those he oppresses.  But he is also very vain.  He cannot stand to be mocked. Ultimately he is not a very powerful demon. Make even the smallest resistance to him and he will flee in a flash of sulfur and curses.

Toufik Bennedictus – This unclean spirit will make many declarations of his great power.  He will claim that he has power to perform miracles, but he is a liar.  He also fancies himself to be virtuoso vocalist.  Be warned: his voice has been known to disconcert even the most stalwart opponents.
Ysinde – An exploiter and manipulator of children. Very crass.  This vampiric creature devours the young while they are dreaming.  However, he will not be very interested in pursuing if it appears you have no money. 

Yenech’kid- this cadaverous, vulture faced devil is given to much profanity.  His skin is blotchy and translucent, like badly prepared vellum.  Though he is perpetually cross and quick to violence, he has a weak heart.

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