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Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Iowa State Fair with Family and Friends

My wife and a friend of ours went to the Iowa state fair today.  I enjoy going to the fair - even if it means having to put up with large crowds of people.  I do enjoy the fair.

But, all the really cool things happened yesterday.  I mean if we had gone to the fair yesterday we could have seen pigeon rolling. Yes.  Really, pigeon rolling. And goats being born.  And my friend Arvid at the Iowa History Journal booth. But that was yesterday.

Oh well.

 photo iowastatefair_zps78c6223e.jpgToday we saw Grant Wood's famous couple larger than life, a  tiger show, a man wearing a very large cowboy hat and carrying a table lamp, The Romantics, crowds, baby ostriches, carnies, goats, and a good many people wearing clothes for the the body they wish they had.

But I must have done something wrong - none of the food that I ate was on a stick.  *I have been corrected.  We DID eat food on a stick.  We had some of Herbert Hoover's Belgium Relief Cookies on Popsicle sticks.  (And they tasted as if they could have been authentic Hoover cookies from 1914...)

 photo spinningride_zpsbed0ae51.jpg

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