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Friday, August 15, 2014

The Four Visions of Dr. Tarrec - New Music

It was in the 38th year of my life that I was given a series of four visions, strange and bewildering dreams that foretold in symbolic fashion the future history of our world.  I recorded my impressions and memory of these visions but was told, at the time, to keep them sealed and hidden.  But now, these many, many years later am permitted to disclose what was revealed to me.

The First Vision
An angel having six wings came to me in the night and stood by my bed.  He said to me, “Doctor, it is given to you to see and to know of what must be.  Behold; the end of this present age is not far off.”  The angel stretched out his arm and pointed to the far wall of the room, and there upon the surface of the wall a saw a woman, dressed in silver pursued across the desert by a man (who was not a man) with no face.  She was fleeing from his wrath and his fury toward a glowing city on the horizon.  When this faceless man (who was not a man) realized that he could not catch her, he rose into the air and sprayed the sky with a sparkling poison.

The Second Vision
I saw a sorrowful woman of surpassing beauty weeping, for she was in great misery.  Her tears formed a pool around her feet.  But then she was transformed into a great horned owl.  And when she expanded her wings to their full length, they blotted out the moon and the world was submerged into darkest night.

The Third Vision
The angel showed me a violent storm over the ocean.  There was much lightning and loud wind.  Suddenly a sea serpent broke through the surface of the waters, roaring louder than the winds of the storm.  He stretched his neck up through the clouds and began to devour the stars.

The Fourth Vision
There was a well secured castle, with fortified towers and gates floating upon a bed of fog.  And a guard and the gates called out to me, “None shall enter this city.  No one, by any means shall pass through these gates.”  Then the seven arc-angels of heaven came down and began to chant one of the celestial songs.  The words were strange and unreportable.  I watched in amazement as the castle began to disappear and the fog dissipated into the dawn.

And after the visions had been shown to me, I asked the angel, “What do these things mean?”  But he did not reply.  No answer was given. 

Sound Samples from the Freesound Project 
The First Vision
Off Charger 

The Second Vision

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