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Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Communiqué from the Brotherhood of Games to Dr. Tarrec

My friend, Dr. Tarrec, was, for a few years, a member of a mysterious, secret society known as The Brotherhood of Games.  I have often asked him about it, but he rarely speaks of them or their activities. Recently I found this official communiqué from the Brotherhood addressed to Dr. Tarrec.  When I asked him about it he abruptly ended our conversation and asked me to leave.


Be read and keep ready; We need every available agent on this – you and all the assembled company.  The FBI, and the warehouse guards are already in place.  Hold yourself in reserve.  Do not enter until I give the word.  After many days you shall be mustered, ordered to carry shipments of weapons across the border.  In the latter years you shall go again from the war into subway tunnels beneath the city: Denver, Toledo, Chicago, wherever people are gathered.

You shall advance into the cold and dark, coming like a winter storm with shadow and with snow in the wind.  You shall be like a cloud covering the land in nuclear winter.  Turn off the flashlight.  Hide in the darkness.  The door has been opened.

Mortal, set your face toward winter contingency plans.  We’re talking about the end and it is very cold, Gogmagog! is the land of the frozen.  The chief priests of Meshech and Tubal are standing without coats against the wind.  Prophecy against Gogmagog! and say “The Decalogue is delivered.  The snow falls unevenly across the nation.  I will turn you around.  The bombs are in Chicago.  Prepare for immediate deployment into the winds. 

“I will put hooks into your jaw and inject you with narcotics to induce a narco-hypnotic state.  I will lead you out with your army and they will be no more.  I will be back for you and your horses and your horsemen.  All of them, even those clothed in full armor against the winter chill.   There are assassins at the gate and wolves beyond the door.  A great company, all of them with shield and bucklers, wielding swords and hand-held nuclear devices.”

Persia, Ethiopia, and Put are with them, but we cannot understand why.  Weep for yourself and for your children.  There are saboteurs on the airfield.  Gomer and all her troops are using false IDs and stolen passports, as is Beth-Togarmah from Ultima-Thule where the wind is cold.

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