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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dr. Tarrec's Vision of the Woman and the Dragon

This is another scrap of writing that I’ve found in the box of papers that my friend, Dr. Tarrec, has given me.  It is scrawled in his nearly microscopic handwriting on the back of a yellowing old telegram which reads: All is not well here. Rumors persist. The End is not yet.  HJ Meredith.


And now a great sign appearing on flat-screens and tablets around the world:  a woman clothed in a photon absorbent gown standing in the shadows of a crater filled with lunar dust - the rubble and ruin of riotous times - on her brow a ringlet of stars. And the woman is given two reptilian wings so that she might hover over university towns like a miasmatic specter.  She is the mother of lizards, her sons the shadows behind the federal government.  Her serpent seed has infected the human genome.  She is pregnant and in labor.

Now a second sign appears in the sky:  a huge red dragon.  Do not follow him.  He is a fiend.  This has all been planned.  Like a wasp winging its way over many waters, he has no rest during the day; he dares not sleep at night.  The dragon has seven heads and ten crowning coronets. 

We are being followed, tailed by anthrax and nervous energy.  But this is more than raw, untrained power, more than a single explosion.  It is a vast quantity of biological and chemystical weapons. It is book burnings and false flags.  The relevant information used to be on page 39, but the Greek texts have been changed – maliciously altered – in the days and weeks since the bombings.

The dragon of dissension has a quota of prisoners to execute before the end, and the end is coming soon.  He knows that his time is short. He spreads a story to extinguish a third of the stars.

And now war breaks out in the space between the stars.  The angels in pursuit of perfection fight the angels of angst and unlimited power.  And the dragon too, with his angels, fights against the luminaries and they are driven away.  The gates of heaven are left open and unprotected as airplane contrails disseminate alien seed upon the surface of the earth.

The serpent vomits water from his mouth, along with a torrent of bullets, but it is not enough.  Microstatic attacks continue and who can fight against them?  I do not recognize the blasphemous portrait of the man in the propaganda posters.    

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