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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Psalm 20 for a #Torture Culture #CIATorture #Torturereport

1              May the lord answer you in your time of distress;
                May the name of your god protect you.
2              May he send you help from secret detention cells
                and grant you support in Washington.
3              May he remember 9 /11 always.
4              May he give you the screams of your enemies,
    and all their secret plans.
5              We will shout for joy when we are victorious;
                We will lift up our “Mission Accomplished” banners and be hailed as liberators.
6              I know that the lord saves his favorites
                and that we are them.
7              Some trust in ethics, some in morals,
                but we rely on torture and violence.
8              Our enemies are shackled on their knees
                as we stand firm in our abuse.
9              God bless the USA.

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