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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Imaginary Pirate Radio Broadcast from KDFS (Space Music)

Every now and again I pretend to be the DJ of an imaginary pirate radio station - KDFS (You're listening to KDFS and that's oKay DoFuS!).  I do it to amuse and/or annoy my friends.  KDFS only plays the best (or worst, depending on your taste - we have none) in weird, obscure... terrible music. This week's broadcast is sponsored by the TMA-1, makers of quality Monoliths and Starchildren since 1968.

First up is a favorite around here, Space Lady, singing the classic Ghost Riders in the Sky.

We could do an entire week's worth of programming based on our next artist, but one song will have to suffice for today. Here's Klaus Nomi and his Rubber-band Laser.

The next song, Waltz in Orbit, was recorded by Ray Cathode - otherwise known as Maddalena Fagandini, pioneering female electronic musician.

Today's playlist has been space themed, in honor of our fine sponsors.  We include the following song because we assume that she is a "space" robot.

And the final song in today's broadcast goes out to Doctor Tarrec, wherever he's hiding.  This is one of his favorites.

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