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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Remove those Books from the Library! Remove those Books from the Bible!

Several parents in Duval County, Florida have submitted a petition to the Public School System to have children’s books set in Iraq and Afghanistan removed from school libraries. The two books, The Librarian of Basra and Nasreen’s Secret School, written by Jeanette Wilder are both based on true stories.

But why should we stop with the purging of elementary school libraries?  If it’s dangerous to allow our precious, innocent, impressionable children to be exposed to stories set in these dangerous (and Muslim!) locations, how much more treacherous is it have these kind of horror is our bibles, in our treasured scriptures?! I say we follow the example of these fearful parents and excise the following stories from our bibles as they contain “subject matter too heavy for children” and may expose them to the horrors of the world, and because they’re set in non-Christian countries like Iraq and Iran.  

Genesis chapter 1 – 11, 29 – 31,

These books are far too dangerous for our children.

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