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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What Does the Eagle See?

What does the Eagle see? Ask the question: What does the Eagle see?

With orël eyes the apocalyptic eagle sees a vision of the future. Something here lies hidden; what however is said by the orël, we will not allow to pass in silence. It is a nuclear prophecy and it must be declared over the whole Earth. The Eagle (from its powerful orbital jet) sees two she-bears strengthened to defeat and to eat Mako-ar-Abba.

Ar-Abba and all his followers horrify me, fill my mind with terror, knowing what Marko-ar-Abba will do before it is devoured. Ar-Abba speaks movingly about the end of America and the Crash of the moons, spreading lies to my people, people who can only experience piracy and civil ends.

The former Soviet Union seems willing to adopt new techniques in seeking warrants for spying. Very suddenly, surveillance devices and paint-by-number Kandinskys appear on the walls. There might be a terrorist hiding there, but you must listen to what the hidden voice of the Eagle is saying. It is because tracking apparatuses like this have penetrated deep into the Soviet Union, sneaky and dangerous, like a home-lobotomy kit, that the Eagle’s words have not been abolished. Domestic surveillance is here and not one word changes. 

The sharp-eyed Eagle sees the two she-bears mauling the youth of the world. The big story here is not that ar-Abba’s psyche is responsible for training ursine terrorists to conduct global affairs, but that it is also creating an intense heat all over the planet. This is a warming and a warning: There will be burning brimstone forest fires.

The Eagle sees genetic degeneration and open doors to luxury and excess. Leviathan, like the she-bears, is weak; they must be strengthened by devouring ar-Abba spies. This is the Western Epoch of crime; the American Era. Mako-ar-Abba will worship his strange foreign god, Maozim; Mako-ar-Abba will worship Maozim in hidden nuclear fortresses. And where is that evil spirit now? It is declining, and reclining in luxury.

The only thing that can defeat the number six is the number five. The eagle is not restored to immortality.

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