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Thursday, November 7, 2013

I Like How You Said…

I had the opportunity last week about “Leadership” to a group of 8th graders as part of a panel of local leaders.  Also on the panel were representatives from our medical community, police department, a couple of self employed entrepreneurs and several others. We spent about an hour talking about what it means to be a leader, giving some of our own personal observations, and answering questions.

Today I received in the mail a couple of thank you cards from the students.  I think some of them were actually paying attention – and that could be dangerous…

“Dear Captain Jeff Carter,
Thank you for giving us your time to tell us about your views of leadership.  I learned that to be a good leader you need to encourage people to work together and with you to get a job done.  You can’t just tell someone to do a something & expect it be [sic] done.  You need to be willing to help people & stay calm in tough situations.
Thank you.

“Dear Captain Jeff Carter,
Thank you for coming to our school to speak to us about leadership.  I learned a lot about how to become a good leader.  I learned many traits that I need to be a leader in the field of work I choose.  I’m glad you could make it considering your busy schedule, so thank you.  I liked your quote, “A boss tells you what to do, while a leader persuades you to want to do your job.”

“Dear Captain Jeff Carter,
Thank you so much for coming to B. Middle School and talking to us about leadership.  You are a very big leader in our community.  I like how you said, “If you make a mistake, make it a big one.”  You showed us how to be a leader and what it takes to be one.  In your job, you have to be very generous, and caring (I’m sure) and you were a great example of that.  Thank you again for talking to us.

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