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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Purchase Some Art For Christmas - Help the Salvation Army

Maybe you're one of the crazy people who've already started their Christmas shopping.  Or maybe you're like the rest of us and you won't get around to thinking about it till the middle of December.

Either way, may I suggest that art makes a great gift.  And I'd like to offer some of my pictures.

First Snow by Jeff Carter on
First Snow by Jeff Carter
You can purchase them either as a digital download or as a canvas print.  The digital downloads are $2.99 (of which I receive 2.00) and the canvas prints are $211 ($199 + $12 shipping - of which I receive about $60.)  The proceeds from all my sales will go to support The Salvation Army in Newton Iowa.  Everybody wins.  You get a great christmas gift (birthday gift, thursday gift, etc...) and The Salvation Army can help a few more people.

These photographs are professionally printed on a matte textured, 20.5 mil bright white, consistent poly-cotton blend canvas, designed to last over 100 years without fading.

Canvas prints are available in 5 sizes: 24x36 inches, 30x30 inches, 20x40 inches, 18x48 inches and 12x48 inches. This size will be determined based on the dimensions of the photo. You will see a preview with the dimensions before your sale is processed, so you won't be surprised!

October Morning by Jeff Carter on
I currently have 15 photographs available.  Most of them so far are nature shots, but there are also a couple of our dog, Psyche.  I'll probably have a few more available before Christmas.  I'd really appreciate if if you'd stop in to check them out.  And I'd really love it if purchased one (or two...)

And maybe if you're not interested, or able to buy one, maybe you could help us out by sharing the link with your friends.  Maybe they'll buy you one.
Crab Apple Tree in November (2) by Jeff Carter on

Crab Apple Tree in November (2) by Jeff Carter
November Morning by Jeff Carter on

November Morning by Jeff Carter

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