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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Singing With My Daughter at the Red Kettle

I spent a couple of hours out at one of our Salvation Army Red Kettle stands this afternoon.  I hate the bells, though, so I don't ring them. Instead I usually take my horn and play Christmas songs - but dang it! it's not even Christmas yet.  So I'm not playing Christmas songs yet - not till after Thanksgiving.

Instead I took my guitar and played from my Beatles and Bob Dylan song books.

My teen-aged daughter came with me (will wonders never cease!) and we had a good time singing through these songs together. She laughed at the irony of singing "You Never Give Me Your Money" at the kettle stand.

If you didn't see us out there at HyVee this afternoon (and I don't imagine that those of you not living in Newton, Iowa would have...) You could still contribute to the Salvation Army of Newton, Iowa.  You can use this handy-dandy online virtual kettle.  No obnoxious bell ringer.  No lousy guitar player.  No muss.  No fuss.   This one is set up to support us here in Newton, but you can use the link to find a kettle in your locality.  Thanks for thinking of the Salvation Army.

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