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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Warm Sunlight in the Trees on a Cold Afternoon

This is another photograph of my neighbor's crab apple tree. I took this one this afternoon as the sun was setting. I really like the warmth of the colors in this one, even though it's pretty cold outside.

For those who appreciate the technical details, my camera is a Canon Rebel T4i.  I used a Super-Takumar 50 mm lens. I also used a "cross screen" filter.  That's what creates the starburst effect in the light reflected off the fruits.

This photograph, as well as several of my other photographs (including these other photos of my neighbor's crab apple tree) are available for purchase either as a digital download ($2.99) or as a professional quality 2' X 3' canvas print ($211).  My portion of these sales will be given to The Salvation Army of Newton, Iowa.

Crab Apple Tree in November (4) by Jeff Carter
Crab Apple Tree in November (4) by Jeff Carter on

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