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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mist Shrouded Moon on a Night in November

Our cat slipped unnoticed out the door last night as we were carrying a number of things in from the van.  When we realized that he was out, I went out to try to find him.  But, being the recalcitrant cat that he is, he wouldn't come back right away.

I carried my camera while out looking for him.  I find myself carrying it with me most every time I go out.  If I can't find the cat, I can at least find a good photo.The mist shrouded moon gleamed behind the bare branches on this night in November.

This photo and several others that I have taken recently are available for sale - either as a digital download ($2.99) or as a professional quality canvas print ($211).  The money from these sales goes to the Salvation Army of Newton, Iowa.

(The cat came back early this morning - though he found himself trapped on the other side of our neighbor's fence and couldn't figure out how to get back to our yard. )

November Night by Jeff Carter

November Night by Jeff Carter on

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