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Friday, November 22, 2013

Spot Bokeh

Bokeh refers to unfocused beauty.  This effect was achieved by shooting a lamp (without focusing) and holding a special effect lens in front of the camera.  This particular lens is made for a different model of camera than I have - so it doesn't exactly fit.  But I held it just in front of the camera at a slight angle to split the light into lots of little sparkles.

I took a similar picture the other night (though without the special effect lens I used in this one).  And also a focused picture of the same lamp - that looks like either a close up of a diamond ring or of a snowflake...

This picture and several other of my photographs are available for purchase either as a digital download ($2.99) or as a professional quality 2' X 3' canvas print ($211).  My portion of these sales will be given to The Salvation Army of Newton Iowa.

Spot Bokeh by Jeff Carter on
Spot Bokeh by Jeff Carter

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