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Friday, August 21, 2015

A Post Modern Election Manifesto from the Brotherhood of Games

Today, in all modern and post-modern elections, the people choose their leader to be a sort of a guard, and labor organizer in the slums of cities like Chicago and Des Moines. Turn off the light. Don’t think.  And even still the point remains – that government gets its moral legitimacy from the intelligence of the fully legitimized sleeping class.

In one sense, the only recognizably legitimate government is the one that rules by biological and nuclear weaponry (or the threat thereof).  A government of jack-asses. The problem with their cat-and-mouse techniques is that the somnolent majority rule is still subject to deceptive dream sequences. You have to be tough, wily-deceptive even. Be an idealist, if you must, but be Machiavellian when in power. Build more weapons labs.  Use them.

It is bad enough to be oppressed by one man - are you there? – what will you do when the electorate awaken with weaponized symbolism? What is if the majority decides, for instance, that this is just a dream, that this isn’t real? How will you stop them then? With the pre-recorded screams of little children? This is more dangerous than anything you’ve proposed in previous sessions. Our superiors are quite pleased and the appropriate notation has been placed in your permanent file.

However, moral and ethical issues are not nearly as necessary as you seem to believe. Discard such antiquated precepts and hold firm to the codes as we now understand them: Fornication, perversion, abominations – all of these are simply principles of a foreign sexual ethic – and not part of our diagnostic method. We deny logic. We reject all rational thought. Only an absolutist ethic can be found in our reading of the Bill of Rights. President Clinton refused and Alexander Hamilton objected, but Sexual Experimentation is dangerous while the killer is still on the loose. (Read Federalist No. 84 for more information.)

The adolescents are dreaming. Why make declarative statements that they will only ignore? For instance: there is no evidence that this current sexual obsession is the natural result of the sexual revolution.  Was it imposed upon us by some federal power? I think it must have been. What are dreams? We don’t know what they are or where they come from. From the World Trade Center, perhaps? From the Pentagon? Our secret military laboratories have been experimenting for years with live broadcasts of nightmare images. You will wake up screaming.

Blood and knives are broadcast nightly on ABC News. This is for your own good. 

The radical leftists studied criminology during their time in Eurasia and they have all gone crazy. They insist upon examining horse and buggies to find evidence to support their outrageous claims. I cannot explain it, but it’s real, very real. They brought these ideas home with them from the Soviet Union. But continuing weapons inspections by United Nations inspectors have gone unnoticed. They won’t find anything because we have already destroyed massive amounts of chemical weapons. This is our way of blocking the schemes and social programs that we don’t like.

Go ahead; bomb Watergate again. Give the Democrats an unexpected reprieve – but one that is short-lived. The beatified Ronald Reagan used booby traps and anti-personal devices to frighten his enemies and to produce a series of noxious nightmares. In place of angels we have people like George W. Bush and Barak Obama. We have multiplied millions of confiscated passport files, we have countless competing agendas and rival factions of neighborhood children who are trying to usurp the entire government – the government we bought - and promoting their program of situational ethics.  “What are the main principals of their program?” you ask. What is its fuel? What makes it burn? Gasoline. Gasoline and a humanistic ethic that will counteract and destroy political ambition. We employ a policy of supplying opposite and rival interests (like Iraq and Iran) with weapons and manufactured dreams in order to stifle their ambitions.

This is not just inevitable, but actually necessary.

If you are young, if you are idealistic, then, by all means, join the mental health corps. Dream. Become a public servant and whack the freaks with a baseball bat. But whatever you do, don’t fall asleep. Come before Midnight. We need you. We need your help.  Midnight. If the radicalism of the 1960s continues it will be a black midnight for us all before too long. It is a nefarious form of thought control and it must be stopped.

If the Aztecs of Mexico had only remained awake until midnight, they might not have been so bloodthirsty. They were a mob – a mob that will be revived in America if we do not continue our caffeinated regimen. The rampaging thugs in the street will perform elaborate rites of lunatic, human sacrifice on elaborate altars drenched in blood. The will strew the bones of their enemies in the gutters of Saint Louis and Kansas City and Davenport. Presumed priests will collapse from nervous exhaustion and stabbing pains. Inevitable and necessary.

The ideals of the 1960s have already poisoned upwards of 50,000 college students. And the heat of their venereal diseases is putting them to sleep. They are the noble savages of a new age, admired for their dignity and cultural stoicism.

The warriors have been locked up and their Pentagon issued weapons confiscated from them. The Spanish may have been forced to confront the Aztec and Incas of earlier hours – but we have never seen anything like this before in our lives. The ancient schemes have been brought to fruition. Today we have a new strand of philosophical nightmares being taught by sex education teachers and other radical educrats. We are distracted by reports of mass murders.

Are we distracted?  Yes. Have we been getting enough rest? No. Write your responses on a piece of paper and hold it up to the glass. We have observed the buying and selling of slaves, the subjugation of women and the brutal treatment of war captives in secret prisons. These are our bonds and we should not have to release them – no matter what the socialist hordes and educated elitists demand. 

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