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Friday, August 28, 2015

Our Pious Theorizing

Our pious theorizing is certainly not very wrong (and is certainly necessary); there are no scientific word plays or reports to mention, no emblems of your feeble masculinity, your shallow summer dreams and winter lies. We can’t be sure that some clever lawyer won’t twist our words into unrecognizable forms. In your dormitories, in your gymnasiums, in New York City – supposedly, in your movie theaters, in your army bunkhouses, in your truck stops and various locations in the crash zones, the House of Congress has become a collection of men recast in your ugly image. 

Bread and Flesh sound very similar in the ancient language. The basic food for us is bread, for them it is meat. And the rising crime rate in our nations is reaching epidemic proportions among women in prison-indicating a profound and disturbing animalistic propensity for violence. This is where the expression “blast furnace” comes from, and this is a risk we face. Birds are eating the bread – the flesh of the baker. We have been reading the female psyche with more than one meaning. Heretics in the seminaries and Feminists are engaged in a constant fight to accomplish, to make war. We are not surprised, for this is not far off from Freud’s interpretation of dreams in a violent society.

The real agenda of the evolutionist is unfair and unnatural; it places a burden on both women and men. Charcoal and iron are placed in a properly designed furnace and exposed to debates and extreme temperatures. One of our workers tried to reduce the number of bristles on the women. His thorax was replaced by artificial selection and chemical breeding. In spite of the preaching of Noah and the warnings of Lot, they continue to mount scientific campaigns that lead only to burnout, profound feelings of frustration and failure, and even clinical depression, feelings of pain, and heat, and cold.

More than half of all first and second marriages end in divorce, and nearly 60 percent of those involve the dreaded barbaric people – nervous beasts. When you have a nightmare-contrary to longstanding received opinion that dreams are just dreams-you cannot recover quickly. We can see, smell, taste, hear, touch, and balance, but we cannot recover from the horrors of chemical selection and artificial breeding. Secular nations and humanist governments cannot be trusted. Since 1933, Russia has seen scores of children who were raised without parents-children raised by wolves. Our children have forced to watch. These youngsters are real-life acts of violence, and we are unwilling to take the necessary risks to save them. We are more susceptible to drug and alcohol abuse, which is why we have lower self-esteem.

Thus we see that the Rapture is a bodily resurrection–we are set free from the existence of war somewhere, born again in the highest form of life. This theory proposes a divorce of the body and a short recovery phase (unburdened by nightmares or visions). Dead men do tell tales when airplanes hit them. The whole concept of body-loss comes out of the grave. Our reporters have discovered children who died by violence. And what is said about them on the local news? Nothing. Even while the world is not yet twelve (thousand) years of age – there are SEVEN continental land masses and all kinds of sexual experiences. Natural science encyclopedias have encouraged this activity in schools, in popular culture and even in confused parents.

This perversion of blotting out the noise of television is the result of deliberate exploitative propaganda. Consider for example; cats, dogs, bears of primitive homosexual life, dinosaurs, crocodiles, monkeys on the floor of Congress, the evidence of common ancestors, elephants, cows, horses, and bats.  If you think some of my statements are exaggerated, consider apes, and men without what some “official” experts are saying – the differences are there for the mutual benefit of everyone.

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