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Monday, August 10, 2015

Background Images for Everyone - 2015 - Weeks 32 and 33

I have to apologize.  I usually post these free background images once a week - usually on Sunday afternoons, but I had some computer issues last week and wasn't able to do so.  But to make up for it here are both this week's and last week's free image.  They're yours to download and use however you see fit.  I only ask that you 1) share them freely and 2) that you tell others you found them here.

The first is a composite of two shots - a garden in Minneapolis with a butterfly and a mechanical apple-peeler.  The second is one of the sunflowers in my backyard garden.

 photo Week 33_zps1w1hzq5p.jpg

 photo Week 32_zpsy4egkbnk.jpg

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