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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dr. Tarrec’s Free Weekly Horoscope # 28

Aries – code command a and password a is now need you All. spent is inertia its before, stops it before off get must You.  down slowing and, backwards spinning, spinning is world The.

Taurus – Do you remember the time that we sat on the top of the levee at midnight and I fell into the mud – the long walk back to your mother’s trailer? I was there. Where were you?

Gemini – Phase three has begun.  It may already be too late to turn back.  Reevaluate, but do it quickly.

Cancer – The scum of the earth and snakes in a ring, king cobras and warlords in a circular debate.  The fight is on. The war will be fought in the darkest corners of humanity.

Leo – Jump. Everyone from Finland receives energy.  Yes – All lovers, all nightingales.  Collect another report to eliminate rivals. I’ve seen Darkness, right? True angels, righteous regents. Eventualities collide.

Virgo – You seem to have confused your abscess with your abyss.  Though, to your credit, others before you have fallen into both.

Libra – I’ve sent you the secret map, folded and faded. Use it (along with an MRI) to locate the treasure. But be warned: You are being watched. You are being followed by a fraternity of hate and crime, and their mother.

Scorpio – A foe is never a friend, not even in death and death is never a friend. Who lurks in the house like a viper, drawing blood and urging us to sleep and never to dream.

Sagittarius – Do not trust the Algerian Ambassador’s assistant. I think that she is a spy for some foreign government. Either that or a rival astrometric alchemist seeking to discredit my life’s work.  Do not trust her.

Capricorn – The cat is  a thief; he prowls while you sleep, stealing electronics and selling them to disreputable Belgians.

Aquarius – A molecular memory device is implanted into the cerebral cortex of every member of the Brotherhood of Games.  They are emotional men – but do not underestimate their prowess.

Pisces – The underworld crowd is gathered in the auditorium for an evening of classical music. Perhaps Mussorgsky would be the appropriate selection?

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