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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

All of This Was Unnecessary

Roman officials were, until 1957, proponents of a Steady State hypothesis that could not even be observed. The Statue of Caesar praised the saints but proof wasn’t necessary. No other radiation, no famine or epidemics or civil war were initiated but, even so, the material man was reduced to a lower level. Empirical Imperial Astronomers measured the expansion of disbelief and determined a new course.

The teachings of the Latin Lion may have originated in the material body, but to hear them describe it, the Big Bang occurred only a few billion years ago. Geologists rushed to burn their data and their notes.  They shredded the documents and lit the refuse into a blaze. Is this arson or arsine? The fire shined; the treasure was divided. Public death by uranium exposure was given to the great men of Rome.

Arsine – or arseniuretted hydrogen - a colorless, flammable, having a fetid, garlic like odor is used in chemical warfare by clear signs and bright fixed stars. The old monarchs were expelled; Caesar is replaced and if it is not heated, the arsine will just burn. Everything. We’ll all just watch the empire go up in flames.

The Army of Strangers and the Brotherhood of Games fought with fire and with swords not far from the Black Sea. They may have stopped a quarrel, but at what cost? The people rejoiced, but they discovered their many painful regrets. By the time of Augustine the halting progress of human affairs on earth was condensed into large dark clouds. It just didn’t add up. Stars died. New galaxies came into being.

And all this was unnecessary. 

All of this was unnecessary. Don’t you know that the whole world, the entire universe, is against you, and Antipas is against the entire world. He will fight with the sword, a bastard sword. By treason one man shall be beaten with uranium rods and another with a suit of clubs.  Both will be beaten to the death.

The Steady State rumor comes up again and again, as fuel in the galaxy is dissolved. All is well in the Sun and the Moon and Heaven is making haste to change the fortune of the future.

And still, all of this, every word, was completely unnecessary.

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