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Thursday, May 15, 2014

DIY Camera Stunts - Macro Lens

 photo DIYMacroHackBefore_zpsc26e4c99.jpg
A short while back I found this Rokinon 80 - 200mm Zoom Macro lens in our thrift store.  My first clue that something was wrong was that it was packed in the box for an old point and shoot pentax camera....  The Rokinon lens was broken but I paid the 3 dollars for it anyway,  figuring that I could play around with it; take it apart and use it for something.

 photo 20140515_161607_zpsb3itlr4y.jpg

And something I have.  Today I disassembled the lens, and discovered that without the zoomy bit - the lens itself fits snugly over one of my other lenses.  And makes a decent little macro lens for extreme close up photography.

 photo 20140515_161159_zpswlnallxv.jpg

 photo DIYMacroHack_zps5ce040de.jpg

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