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Monday, May 5, 2014

More Anomalies A – Z: Gabriel

The angel Gabriel came bursting into my room again the other night, sweaty and disheveled.  His shield had a large gouge in it, as if it had been torn by the mouth of a demon dog. His clothes, usually golden and crisply pressed linen, were tattered and stained with dirt and blood.

“Been wrestling with the Prince of Persia again, have we?”

“Shut up,” he said glowering at me as he removed his armor.

“I thought you were off tonight.”

“Yeah.” He grunted as he pulled off one of his heavy boots and let it thump to the floor.

“Hey! You’re getting dirt all over the place.”

“Uriel and Phanuel were supposed to work tonight’s shift, but they called at the last minute, said they couldn’t make it and could I cover for them?  That’s the third time this month those two have done that.  I’m not even supposed to go in on Saturdays.”

Gabriel and Michael are the only two angels mentioned by name in the Hebrew Bible – or the Old Testament, for you Christian types – and Raphael for you Catholics… But that doesn’t mean there aren’t others.  I’ve not met Uriel and Phanuel. From what Gabriel tells me they’re pretty much always away on some super secret mission. 

I’ve met Raguel – “he who takes vengeance on the world of luminaries of those who have transgressed the law of God.”  Yeah, trust me.  He’s a sourpuss.  And I saw Sariel and Remiel – but only from a distance. 

It’s Gabriel who comes by most often, stumbling through my window late at night. 

“So what’s with all the dirt?”  I asked him.

“I’ve been digging a hole in Baltimore.”  His open palm shot up to halt my question. “Don’t ask why.”  He took off his other boot and poured out a pile of dirt onto the floor.  “I’m a messenger.  I announce miraculous births and bring comfort to the prophets.  I am the revealing angel, but when Uriel and Phanuel can’t be counted on, I’m the divine ditch digger.”

He sat on the edge of my bed and sighed. “I’m not even supposed to go in on Saturdays.”

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